Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twittering 2

Well trying to resolve the retweet display issue I heard that it doesn't happen with Tweetdeck so I decided to try that. Catch is that it requires some Adobe program to download so I figured to skip it. After finding nothing else I thought let's do Tweetdeck and uninstall the Adobe program right after the download which is what I did. But then Tweetdeck wouldn't run at all because despite saying it needed the Adobe to download it actually needs it to run at all. And I don't want more junk on my computer - I don't even have Adobe Acrobat partly for that reason but even more because pdfs are clumsy and annoying.

It turns out that the other big third-party Twitter programs either also use that Adobe program or are aimed at pro users so I gave up on those. Tried experimenting with old-style retweets where you basically just copy and paste but apart from being extra work it just displayed odd. The legit Twitter account in the post didn't show with a link while the non-legit one did. Most likely this is the way I used the "@" but still it hardly seems worth the trouble. And the ugly RSS feed is very slow to update.

So at the moment I'm think there's no reason to keep trying to figure this out. My Twitter was intended as simply an additional info stream but since it can't be used completely for that it will be an additional commentary stream. Mostly useless commentary but there ya are.