Friday, March 16, 2007

Making Movies of Themselves

A piece in the March 15 Variety about a new Sherlock Holmes franchise claims the studio wants it done "the same edgy way that Christopher Nolan has reimagined Batman". Too bad it wasn't Nolan who reimagined Batman; he and co-writer David Goyer basically watered down and repackaged the comic book version for mass consumption. And unfortunately "comic book" has such a connotation of dumbness and simplicity in our culture that it's hard to get across the point that the comic book Batman has more complexity, depth and even, at time, the aura of genuine art than any film version so far. So much was based on The Long Halloween with the best parts about Dent removed, though understandably.

Just as out of touch is another piece that basically claims critics should be cheerleaders for studio films. The writer spins it more as the critics being out of touch but really that's not true and if every critic on the planet slammed the highest grossing film doesn't in the least invalidate them.