Saturday, January 31, 2015

Library sale

Today's haul from the library sale:

Rube Goldberg vs the Machine Age
Koch - The Rise of Modern Warfare
Solomon - Existentialism
Warren - All the King's Men
Oates - The Stoic & Epicurean Philosophers (Modern Library)
Edel - Henry James: A Life
Williams - Henry VIII and His Court
Meyers - Great Martial Arts Movies (revised edition)
Perelman - Swiss Family Perelman
Perelman - Westward Ha!

There was also a copy of Seven Storey Mountain that I almost picked up just because today was Merton's centennial but it was fairly beat up and the layout seemed more cramped than the current edition.  I'm unlikely to ever read it anyway so there's that.  Last time there were volumes two to four of Anthony Powell which I skipped but this time there was volume one with the others gone.

Somebody had donated a fair number of oversized military history books but they didn't seem to be that substantial.  I got the Koch because it's about 16th and 17th century warfare which is under-represented.  I don't think the Perelmans are firsts but they're certainly fairly close and even though these are his most common books the illustrations are nice.  I don't particularly want to read anything else about Henry VIII right now but the Williams book is more about the people, objects and locations around him.  I have the first edition of Meyers martial arts book somewhere but the revised is good to see.  I'm not sure I'll get through all of The Stoic and Epicurean Philosophers but had been considering re-reading Lucretius before I read The Swerve and anyway I have a weakness for these Modern Library editions.  All the King's Men is something else I've been wanting to read - this is just a nice condition paperback.