Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday sitcom finales

I had a weakness for the four: The Big Bang Theory closed last season with a clever riff on being gone for a summer but this time the episode could have been almost anywhere in the season. Too bad much of the real geekiness has drained out . How I Met Your Mother has never been particularly good but this season dropped most of the flashbacks and intertwined stories while trying to turn the aggressively one-dimensional Barney into something almost two-dimensional until it felt more and more like a chore to watch. Ending with the start of a pregnancy storyline means it's also the end for me. Two and a Half Men also seems unsure where to go after wisely jettisoning the fiancee but then spending far too much time on potty jokes. This may have also overstayed its (minor) welcome. As for Rules of Engagement I'm not sure if this was the finale since it started late and only has 13 eps so far. But the creators seem to have been toying with creating an almost-classic farce though an admittedly low-key one and let down mainly by an oddly slack resolution. Still Patrick Warburton should be on far more shows.