Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The recent mention of Cadence reminded me that I’ve planned to do a compilation of embarassing moments from reviews. Not from Cadence since the writers are unpaid and the volume of work is admirably hefty so instead the April issue of Downbeat seems like a good choice. I’ve left out names but if anybody recognizes their work, don’t write me just but just do the same thing from my writing; there’s certainly enough there.

“They possess that startling flash of stimulation that puts the best players on the edge and throws unexpected light into unanticipated places. Each is a swift, precisely cut little gem that one may not only admire but actually like a lot.”

“While known for the rich harmonic texturing of his big band and jazz orchestra charts, here he boils his style down to the thoughtful gestures of melodic conversation.”

“If one’s tastes are more catholic and pure...” [The reviewer is mis-using “catholic” which means “universal” and contradicts “pure.”]

“The result is marked by exemplary musicianship, brave composing and the pure joy of music.” [“Brave composing”? Maybe Shostakovich at times but certainly not anybody releasing a fusion record.]