Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The end of Age of Ultron

So Brian Michael Bendis claims that nobody can guess the ending to the forthcoming Age of Ultron series and maybe he's right but here are some distinct possibilities:

* Ultron’s advanced computing power will reveal that somebody miscounted and the Marvel Universe is actually 617.

*  The biggest shocker in comics history – after Ultron is defeated he never ever appears again.

*  Ultron marries Aunt May.

*  Ultron learns that his OS is Android and that means ...  uh just finish this one yourself

*  Ultron gets a job on Fox News – pitches a fit when he mis-predicts the next election.

*  Ultron still waits for Godot.

* Ultron will discover he has no SD slot and must store everything in the cloud.

* Ultron turns out to be Kang and therefore (or maybe there-not) Dr Doom.

*  Just as a huge battle reaches its peak Ultron will wake up, turn over in bed and tell Suzanne Pleshette “I just had the strangest dream”.

*  Two words:  ice cream