Sunday, April 22, 2012

A decade!

Just noticed that I completely missed this blog's 10th anniversary.  If the the stats are right (and why shouldn't they be?) I've averaged a bit over five posts a year which is lower than I expected.  That may be because I actually write more that I never quite finish and never post so I feel like there were more posts.  Considering the haphazard state of a good bit of what's actually put up here maybe I should just start tossing it all up. 

The original idea had been something like a cultural/intellectual journal documenting whatever I'm reading, watching, hearing not because there's any intrinsic value to what I do but because I thought it would be fun.  (Though really if we wished there had been more people like the Goncourts in the past today there's probably a stifling overabundance, though certainly not in quality.)  That's one reason in all this time I've only put up a couple of images - those require so much effort that it starts to feel like work.  I'm always amazed at the people with jobs other than blogging who post almost daily with images that they've often created (instead of just nicking from another site).  Such as David Bordwell doing a film analysis with numerous sceengrabs and an analysis as long and substantial as you'd see anywhere.  Or Mike Sterling commenting on numerous comics panels or catalog listings.  But there are many many more. 

Maybe that's just discipline, never one of my strengths.  There was one month where I posted every day but that felt more like a stunt and not an interesting one.  I also started on what might be called retrospective posts such as ones about why I don't write much about music any more, how I got interested in movies or recapping my past couple of years watching TV shows (which thanks to DVD and streaming Netflix is not the same as watching TV).  I've toyed with the idea of doing something different such as short texts roughly like feuilletons though almost certainly any attempt at that would last for a few posts and then stop.  Then again I've always done this for my own amusement even though I know of a couple of people who stop by from time to time.  It was surprising to see on the new Blogger stats page that a lot of people checked out my post on Inception, no idea why.  (Some of the hits on the other pages are clearly spiders or spambots but this doesn't appear to be from the small amount of info available.) 

So back to the regularly scheduled silence with unpredictably sporadic broadcasts....