Thursday, September 22, 2011

DCnU Week Two

A week late and partly because the seemingly cool idea of reviewing all the new releases lost most of its appeal when confronted with the reality of so many half-hearted and barely "new" titles. Still there's better this week than last.

So just quickly: Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE is easily the pick of this batch - focused story, effortless characterization, strange ideas. Batwoman is probably next with its fantastic Williams art and forward-moving story. Surprisingly Mister Terrific works pretty well even though it feels more like an introduction. And as much as I've complained about all the books that are intros Green Lantern and Red Lanterns feel like we're thrown into the middle of stories. Apparently these two are just continuations from the pre-re-launch books which I abandoned because DC was apparently trying to make the Lantern books be their equivalent of the X-Men titles and repel all outsiders - frequent title changes, constant & pointless crossed stories, overly complex narratives, loads of barely distinguishable characters. Batman and Robin is mostly a Damian whine-fest though I suspect it will improve. Demon Knights is probably not very good but it's my kinda book and I liked it. Legion Lost is pretty much incomprehensible. Grifter appears to be a quasi-origin but doesn't make much sense. Suicide Squad is a horrible, extended torture scene - no seriously. And making Amanda Waller thin takes a distinctive character and turns her into yet another of the faceless masses - so much for diversity. I don't get the point of Deathstroke except that he's a Bad Guy. Resurrection Man has promise (how's that for vague?). And I also don't see why Superboy is such an extended origin; get to the point already.