Sunday, August 14, 2011

blogs & writing

While the freedom from editors and (mostly) from commerce of blogging offers the possibility of more inventive or even outright experimental writing there doesn't appear to be a lot of that happening. Most blogs still fall into either comments or essays (however brief) - even most of the poetry blogs I've sampled are pretty unimaginative.

One reason I thought about this is my last post which was originally something I had written about Thor and Norse myths but never really finished and then something else about the commonplace statement that superheroes are a mythology. The myth link seemed to bind them together but in reality it didn't work very well. Guess maybe I should have just left he movie/myth thing as it was and then the only real idea in the next part might even fitted onto Twitter despite my efforts to expand it (only to realize of course that there wasn't much to expand).

And so nothing inventive or experimental here either.