Thursday, May 27, 2010

Twittering 3

It's hardly news that the severe space constraint of Twitter precludes almost anything of substance and like most people my idea had been that it's mostly what-I-just-ate stream-of-consciousness from people distracted by sparkles and bushes that look like puppies. That's why discovering the network of links and news items seemed interesting - just the goods without the (already minor) trouble of full blogging.

But the thing is - faced with a blank Twitter box about all I can think to do is document something personal and utterly trivial. But since I don't even care about that then certainly nobody else does (not even you Mr 25th Century Historian Trying to Recover Our Daily Lives).

And while it seems like this might be where I add whatever cultural items I've encountered again the limited space makes it opaque at best, useless at not-best. (Mexico: The Frozen Revolution is a B, maybe B+ for effort, B- for actual interest) How's that help? Still, it's better than dining histories.