Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Jack Did

Jack Bauer is the ultimate ends-justify-the-means guy. Part of the fun of 24 is seeing just how far he'll go though admittedly by now the creators are having to dial it back a bit because there's not much else he can do and still be considered even borderline sane.

So in connection with tonight's start of the new season here's some of the stuff he's done over the past seven seasons, in no particular order:

Stole a helicopter. Twice.
Hijacked an airplane. Twice.
Committed first-degree murder. Twice. (Nina Myers and the prisoner at start of Season Two.)
Robbed a convenience store.
Shot a woman he knew was completely innocent in the thigh.
Executed his boss. (Though on the president's orders.)
Faked a terrorist attack.
Participated in a real terrorist attack (the bombing of his own headquarters).
Kidnapped the president of the United States.
Chopped off his partner's hand with an axe.
Shot and killed another partner.
Faked his own death.
Tortured his brother almost to death.
Got addicted to heroin as part of an undercover operation.
Started a prison riot.
He invaded a foreign embassy (technically an act of war).
He forced a doctor at gunpoint to stop an operation, dooming the patient (his girlfriend's former husband) to death.
Left the country to avoid a Congressional subpoena.
And he's broken so many prisoners out of custody or escaped himself that these are barely misdemeanors in 24-World.

(Check out a post of "7 wacky moments" that of course includes the Kim-cougar tete a tete. That's really just peer pressure because compared to most of Season Six it's really not that "wacky".)