Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Peter David interview

When I got interested in comics again a few years ago one of the highlights was this dumb-looking series called Young Justice that turned out to be funny, imaginative and not at all dumb. Turns out the writer was somebody named Peter David so I tracked down more of his stuff. Captain Marvel and Supergirl were great and much of X-Factor almost as good. I only got through the first year and last two to three of his Incredible Hulk run but was not too impressed; maybe the good stuff is in the middle. The first three issues of Fallen Angel seemed fairly pointless and the initial Sir Apropos prose novel was about double how long it should have been. This interview covers most of the bases (though omits Soulsearchers) and it's always interesting to see behind the scenes at the Big Two and how little storytelling has to do with many of their decisions.