Monday, June 29, 2009

The Gap

Well, I never planned to blog regularly if only for the simple reason that I can't do anything regularly that's not biologically required or socially enforced (like a job). But some unexpected major changes at work ate up a lot of time and then almost a month of dealing with Earthlink tech support killed more. Basically I got a new ADSL2+ connection and immediately had problems with it. I talked to 11 (count 'em 11) tech support people, only two of which even had any idea what they were doing. Unfortunately this is not an exaggeration - one of them flat-out lied to me that the network was down even while I was actually connected to it while another realized he couldn't solve my problem and simply told me to call back the next day. Even one of the people who knew what he was doing came up with the wrong answer though I had evidence it was wrong. In the end the problem was a defective modem which that knowledgeable person insisted was completely impossible and which I told every single one of them I suspected was the problem. It's scary how bad these people were, how bad they all consistently were. On the other hand, now that it's working (now that I got it to work) the new connection is pretty sweet.