Friday, April 24, 2009

Some comics links

* Dateline: Silver Age is a blog of nothing but enlarged images showing newspaper headlines from SA comics. Isn't the Internet wonderful?

* Similarly, Quotes On Comics is self-explanatory (and addictive).

* A blog post about new MLA rules for citing graphics.

* Why the NYT bestseller list for graphic novels doesn't really work. (Short version: difference between book trade and direct market.)

* Roasted Peanuts is Peanuts strips with analysis - and more interesting than that sounds.

* Good interview with Alan Moore on the forthcoming LOEG. But then isn't Moore one of those people who always does a good interview?

* GQ of all places has a top-notch list of the "20 Graphic Novels You Should Read (After Watchmen)" (though I can't help but wonder if there's something in Fun Home that might have frightened them off). Too bad it's in that almost unreadable slideshow format that too many websites use - can't we just get the list without having to click click click?

* And Judge Dredd goes to the prom!