Monday, March 2, 2009

So why Blogspot?

Almost seven years and now I'm changing servers. The reason is fairly simple. Earthlink gives me 10 meg server space to use, or more accurately 10 meg per email address but even though I can have eight addresses it's only 10 meg for each. (Though the actual server space for the email is 100 meg, not sure exactly why.) So for one thing I was running out of space on my main address and it was going to be too complicated to try to split archives if that's even possible. I had avoided hosts other than my own server space in the past just because I didn't entirely trust a third party but now that seems pointless. Many blogs I read use Blogspot and do just fine but of course not having to worry about running out of space is a plus. I think there's also some Blogger functionality that just works better this way, scheduled posting for instance. (A recent test on my Earthlink server wiped out the entire blog temporarily.) It doesn't help that Earthlink almost pretends we don't have that server space and provides almost no way to find out how much space I was using (had to go with an FTP client to figure it out).

So I'll fiddle with this a couple of weeks and then leave it alone for years, SOP at the Funhouse. I'm not 100% sure all the archives transferred - did I really only do 10 posts in all of 2003? Maybe. I do have a downloaded archive of the full site from last summer but it's on a hard drive I have to recover from a dead computer so that's probably a while away before inquiring minds can tackle that.