Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Odds 'n' ends

* Are people who back into parking spaces always jerks?

* Just got Hammer Films: Icons of Horror Collection which has a sticker saying "Fan Approved Artwork!" Really? Did they honestly get any fan(s) to approve and why would they think this is an important enough selling point to create separate stickers?

* The Garfield Minus Garfield book isn't as good as the website because it also includes the original strips, removing some of its mystery.

* "Ad Agency Says It Wasn't To Blame For SyFy Rebranding" - Guess even these ad folk have some smidgen of sense.

* First reports from those Warner Bros 150 custom DVD titles are that at least some are older and less-than-ideal transfers. That $20 price is becoming even less attractive.

* It's National Poetry Month so visit Poem-A-Day.