Saturday, March 7, 2009

Discovery Channel, Part 2: Dirty Jobs

As mentioned in the previous post I don't care what's on the Discovery Channel; it's just that I noticed these shows were all there and it became an arbitrary hook.

I was going to write about why Dirty Jobs has kept my interest over time (the only episode I found completely uninteresting was the one about sharks) but either you've seen it and know or haven't seen it and don't care. In fact it's turned out that my grand idea for a lengthy post analyzing the show was based on just two smaller ideas: that Rowe doesn't always dumb down the jokes and that the show could be considered as an eccentric documentary project exploring forms of work. So that's pretty much it. Maybe I should take the sparseness as a challenge and still try to write a full post or maybe it's one of those voyages of discovery where you just start writing and eventually something worthwhile will come up, critical automatic writing perhaps. It would still need to be edited into something worth reading, there's not much worse than pages of auto-writing or free improv or process art.