Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bond synchronicity,,2123271,00.html

Well, this is strange. I'm about halfway through Engleby, the new novel by Sebastian Faulks when the announcement comes that he's written the forthcoming James Bond book. Strange because Faulks seems a quite unlikely choice given that he's more self-consciously literary and mostly interested in psychology (Engleby is Holden Caulfield if he was British and possibly or possibly not a murderer). Or as the Guardian imagining of Faulks' story goes "For now Bond had an appointment with M to discuss his new role as the unreliable narrator." Then again Kingsley Amis and John Gardner had previously been tapped so this is a minor tradition but just imagine what we could have seen from Martin Amis or George MacDonald Fraser or Philip Hensher or even Zadie Smith just to stay with Brits.