Monday, February 5, 2007

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Classic Comedy Teams

We're Going to Eat You

East German Westerns

The Martin & Lewis Collection

The Jayne Mansfield Collection

Not much to add, really. The Mansfield box should actually be called a Tashlin set but despite seeing a Val Lewton collection how likely is a Tashlin box? There's a Sirk box in England but apparently no plans for a US equivalent. The East German Westerns were a disappointment. From what I'd heard (not much admittedly) these were aggressive propaganda films but that turned out to not really be true. As mentioned in the review Hollywood itself had already made more politically radical Westerns. The East German ones are mildly interesting but nothing to make any effort to see. We're Going to Eat You should have received a better transfer and some kind of extra like notes. Then again this used to be a hard film to find. For the comedy teams set I would never consider the Three Stooges "classic" but certainly not in those two selections. There's a truly abysmal B-Western and a bit wilder pre-Code comedy that's not exactly "good" but kept me entertained. The Abbott & Costello films are actually decent, especially considering that the duo was so lax that they barely made any films that are good all the way through. The two Laurel & Hardy have some charm that's made me go rent some of their early work even though the actual films are otherwise pretty bland. I used to think L&H were greatly overrated but am now thinking I missed the point. Findings will be reported later. And the Martin & Lewis box is quite good once you get past the tedious first three films. A second box should be even better since it has, yes, their Tashlin work.