Sunday, January 28, 2007

24 Season Six

So far it's been pretty good though there's already talk that it may be about to jump the shark. The revelation about his brother is an example. While it was handled pretty nicely so that anybody who saw last season went "OH MY GOD" anybody who didn't had no idea there was even any kind of surprise. Of course the reaction a second after "oh my god" is "WHAT!?" Really, out of the entire population the evil mastermind is Jack's brother? Had they ever even mentioned he had a brother? For the bigger picture it's hard to wonder how they can top the ending of episode four though my guess is at least one more bomb will go off. Of course I also want to sit the writers down for a Ben Hecht festival (or at least Deadwood and The Sopranos) so that they can write better dialogue. They're making about 15 hours of the show (minus commercials) but put less into it than most film writers with only 90 minutes. Sure, plot is the main point and nobody wants any standard TV writer's idea of "character development" (basically stop everything while the person explains their deepest feelings and motivation) but certainly it could be better than this.