Tuesday, January 30, 2007

24 S6 E6

Well, as They say, the plot thickens. To what end is still not clear. By now most of watching is just questions or offhand comments. Gee, Jack's dad is bad, no wait he's good, no maybe he's pretending, er does the preview show him getting shot next week? At least his brother stays bad and gets tortured again next week. & so what's the deal with Karen? Did she really hide something about Bill? Why else give up so easily? Well maybe so that she can get on that military transport and be in LA towards the end of the season, possibly even in just enough time to get killed. And we knew Walid was going to run into trouble. I'm still betting that Sharon is somehow involved; why else would she shred the computer files so quickly? Most of us are just hoping that story line goes away very soon. As well as all the treading-water parts: finding a nuclear engineer, profiling one of CTU's best analysts, Presidential decisions, speedy pizza delivery. Really, the whole thing isn't so much about to jump the shark as just become a full-blown soap opera.