Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Blogging Life

Tim Lucas muses about the problems with being a blogger. All ring true even if I personally don't always experience them. For one thing I don't exactly consider myself a blogger. Yes, I have a blog but I've never felt the need to add to it daily even apart from knowing from the start that I'd never have the persistence to do so. I do often write posts in my head but then that's been more or less true since I started reviewing some 26+ years ago. Movies, records, books, etc all get converted into a mental review and sometimes (less now than formerly) there were even people who would pay to have those transferred to print. (Fortunately I don't talk in those mental reviews; somebody I know carries those around in his head, ready to disperse the moment they're needed.) A blog is for me just a journal, one reason much of this isn't very polished. I also consider at least this blog as an extension of zines which I was heavily involved with during the mid-80s.