Monday, January 31, 2005

apparently not a prank

Lovecraft in the Library of America? First it seemed a bit odd when Philip Dick became a minor literary light a few years ago (when I started reading his stuff in the late 70s he wasn't even particularly well-respected in SF circles and you could always find his work in used book stores). Then Joyce Carol Oates apparently picked up on Lovecraft somehow and it was his turn though I thought the Penguin Classics editions would be as far as this would go. And as much as I've enjoyed Lovecraft since high school surely there are better writers deserving the LOA treatment. Bradbury is obvious and already well-served (then again so is Lovecraft) but how about Fritz Leiber, who was the stylist that Lovecraft just thought he was? Robert Howard was also a better writer but worked too often in genres that still aren't even half-respectable. Or Robert Bloch perhaps. Maybe better would have been a LOA anthology of The American Weird Tale.