Monday, November 8, 2004

The Incredibles

The Incredibles (Brad Bird 2004) - I read a claim that this is an attack on corporations and excessive legalism though it was hard to tell whether the writer was serious or ironic. In any case, that’s not remotely true. The Incredibles has very little goal other than entertainment and some by-the-numbers family unity which it handles quite pleasantly. It’s closer to a James Bond or maybe even True Lies or a Spy Kids film than a superhero story, even down to the music. In fact it’s surprising how little references there are to comics books. Violet is clearly based on Sue Richards and Frozone on Iceman but other than that there’s not much even though Pixar films generally feature intricately detailed backgrounds. On the other hand, this one mostly avoids the sad Pixar tradition of pushing women off to the side (or down the throat of a larger fish) so maybe that’s the trade-off. It was unexpected to see one voice credited to Sarah Vowell who it turns out is indeed the writer; I’ve read Radio On which was barely passable and a few other mediocre-to-bad essays but she apparently has another life as a public radio commentator which I’m proud to say I knew nothing about.