Sunday, August 8, 2004

MP3 blogs

From Phil: Believe it or not, I've been drafted into the world of mp3 blogging ( Is this something you've played with much?

Oddly enough I spent part of Saturday morning checking out MP3s on Douglas Wolk's blog and one called Fluxblog. A few nice discoveries, some junk. But I love the idea and would like to find more. Just wish it wasn't so labor-intensive. There are programs that could suck all the MP3s off a website and into a folder but I find dealing with those just as much work. Guess I still gravitate to Internet radio more (somebody else was playing me one that had a bunch of Scandanavian pop bands; need to find out what it was).

I'd really like to see rarities like Feelies B-sides (wonder if that full concert from Married to the Mob was ever bootlegged?) or non-CDed Sun Ra.

I loved part of that Corbett book [Extended Play: Sounding Off From John Cage to Dr. Funkenstein] but other parts seemed like that quasi-philosophy you get from writers without the background to properly understand post-structuralists.

Strange to see somebody mention that Gimme Indie Rock compilation since I was just listening to it Friday night after seeing it in a box I was cleaning out. Did you see that Rhino is putting out a box set of 80s "underground" which is a lot of the same kinda stuff (though I don't think some of it was underground at all).