Saturday, June 5, 2004

I spent a good bit of the morning checking out Internet radio stations. It was only a few years ago that I was visiting Jeremy and heard my first streaming radio using a new program called RealPlayer. Now we know that RealPlayer is evil and streaming MP3 is the way to go. Even more surprising is how vital Internet radio has become; I listen to it more than over-the-air radio. (Radio of course being purely a conceptual word in relation to the Internet.) I didn’t get a chance to explore any of these in depth and the dozen or so Chinese stations all sounded extremely bad.

Here are today’s recommended findings:

Digitally Imported Modern Jazz

I’m not entirely sure that’s the correct name since the website’s clumsy design makes it a bit unclear. But it’s sure got a great playlist. When I first checked this is what it showed:

Now playing: Charles Mingus - So Long Eric

Last 8 tracks played:

1 Albert Ayler - Universal Thoughts

2 Sun Ra & His Arkestra - A House Of Beauty

3 The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - A Brain For The Seine

4 Archie Shepp - Basheer

5 Evan Parker & Eddie Prevost - Let Us Attend To Present Business

6 Miles Davis - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down

7 Max Roach - Tender Warriors

8 Sun Ra - Discipline

Iranian Radio

Technicolor Web of Sound - 60s psych

Russian station - had some cool Russian hip-hop

Radio Mazaj - Arabic

Sunusound - assorted African and Caribbean styles

RadiOK - the rock en espanol part sounds decent

Radio Helsinki - Turned it on and the first thing I heard was Sonic Youth. We already knew that the Finns may be the coolest people on the planet but still I’m hoping some non-English music shows up.