Thursday, May 13, 2004

Maybe I should try a stand-up comic's "Don't you hate" whine but: It always seems odd to me when a blogger explains why it's been so long since their last post. Is anybody really reading every day, noting week-long absences? I've been off about three weeks due to work and other assorted matters but since my working assumption is that nobody reads this anyway, well, so what?

But I was catching up on other blogs--generally I read a week or two's worth at a time--and noticed that Kyle Gann had quoted my bit about free improv that quoted his bit. Nice, huh? The odd thing is that I have no idea how he knew about this so I guess somebody's out there. A quick check of my webstats (which I haven't done in at least a year) shows that the blog had almost a hundred hits so far this month though most of the action is at my other frozen sites.

Well, enough of navel-gaze blogging and back to impersonal criticism....