Friday, February 13, 2004

Newest blogging trend seems to be discussing your Netflix queue so being a dedicated follower of fashion here's mine. Too bad I just deleted about 30 titles a few weeks ago (which included some Bollywood, A Night to Remember, Satan's Brew and a bunch of indies and such that are easily found at local video stores). It's hard to tell if these things are too revealing, inaccurately revealing or mostly irrelevant. For instance, despite the numerous listings I'm not a James Bond fan. A year or so ago, though, I realized that I hadn't seen most of the earlier films in the series and decided to watch them all in order, something made a bit harder when they went in and out of print while the studio cynically manipulated consumer demand. In my case no demand, just an attempt to fill a pop culture hole when maybe I should have been reading Henry Green novels. Also, without cable and with spotty over-the-air reception I don't watch TV anymore. So this is a good way to fill in what seems promising. I did catch the first two episodes of 24 however long back that was and lost interest as soon as it became obvious that they were blatantly cheating on the real-time gimmick. But people say I would like it and so to another chance. People promise the same with Alias; more on that later; the first disc was mildly amusing but nothing more.

The Isle

A Brief Vacation

The Shield: Season 1: Disc 1

24: Season 1: Disc 1

Afraid to Die

On Her Majesty's Secret Service


Fidelio: Beethoven: Royal Opera House


Diamonds Are Forever

A Touch of Zen


Joe Gould's Secret

The Notorious Concubines

The Dish

Black Rose Mansion

Leonard Bernstein: Reaching for the Note

Fulltime Killer

Alexandria: Again and Forever



Janacek: The Cunning Little Vixen

Die Fledermaus: Strauss: Royal Opera

Hidden Agenda

The Harmonists

Carla's Song

24 Hour Party People


Secret Defense

32 Short Films About Glenn Gould

The Gleaners and I

The Center of the World

Good Men, Good Women

The Last Broadcast


The Circle

Shanghai Grand

The Phantom Lover

Siberian Lady Macbeth

Bloodsucker Leads the Dance

The Man with the Golden Gun

The Spy Who Loved Me

Licence to Kill

Something Weird: Special Edition

Perfect Love

Just For the Hell Of It / Blast-off Girls

Ecstasy of the Angels

Mantis in Lace

The Cheap Killers

Nightmare at Noon

The Bodyguard from Beijing

Tale of Time Lost

More Dogs Than Bones

Cold War

Warm Water Under a Red Bridge

Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Hold You Tight

Alias: Season 1: Disc 3

Alias: Season 1: Disc 4

Alias: Season 1: Disc 5

Alias: Season 1: Disc 6

Decasia: The State of Decay

So Close

The Sopranos: Season 4: Disc 2

The Sopranos: Season 4: Disc 3

The Sopranos: Season 4: Disc 4

24: Season 1: Disc 2

24: Season 1: Disc 3

24: Season 1: Disc 4

24: Season 1: Disc 5

24: Season 1: Disc 6

The Shield: Season 1: Disc 2

The Shield: Season 1: Disc 3

The Shield: Season 1: Disc 4

Comedy of Innocence