Sunday, January 4, 2004

mastodon harmony ineffable

That's the subject line of a spam email I received; at least now I know what to name my first-born. The odd thing is that there have been other spam with a sort of found dadaist poetry feel to it (example below). I haven't read anything about this but would guess that it's an attempt to trick spam filtering software or at least make the recipient curious enough to open the email. The words appear to be drawn from a small standard dictionary (because there are very few archaic or obscure words) and from a medical dictionary. Or maybe it's just the spellchecker from a hospital computer.

And you can start the criticism: Note the consonance of "abort pit sit." Is "madeleine" a Proust mention? Is "seraglio tahiti" a disapproving Gaugin reference? And why "bartok"? There's a self-reflexive note in "morpheme" and possibly "rosette." Maybe the whole thing was created by a "tardy binocular enthusiast."

tardy binocular enthusiast written screechy stoneware captaincy hypothalamus cellar billiard cause brutal ceremonial capstone accessory congress lousy buxton coiffure perceptive cloth adjourn countywide beware rhode citrus instead

city save shrugging votive bourgeois pea tangle seraglio tahiti horology rebel viscoelastic vagabond

leigh sough picnicking parsimony halve oldy deadline wilkinson poplin glint tableaux cavalry diversionary madeleine cosgrove epithet anisotropy idiot saxony buxton dusenbury newscast tomograph disputant makeshift

inhalation mack taxi ghent backstitch holeable seem orthicon danielson cook cepheus allotted brazil allegoric deject hydrochloride roughneck warty brush superstitious ashland compensate armadillo diathesis natal

plumage shunt wallow tentative vaporous lament louvre sabina

inversion obsessive deborah condone cottage grandniece mesenteric ventilate provoke inaccessible deportation extant boric cocaine fellow

aorta craig dressy quasiparticle physik promote forfeit tiny nimble elide needle candlelight literature charity command scapula pecan swaziland delegate blair stahl plentiful deodorant bartok belfry

trundle flung gyroscope collect cabaret coddle weldon bandstop crowberry ague grown walkway palladian antigen greenland sepal squeal vanilla sherwood conquer morpheme

cliche rosebush diorama log sonority astronaut tyburn shimmy patrolmen lime rosette broadside daybreak banana clung ulysses drainage abort pit sit