Wednesday, December 24, 2003

For whatever reason, I’ve been checking out a lot of blogs lately. Most are pretty useless as you might expect. The best are either ones that are unusually well written (Terry Teachout’s About Last Night at or have a point (like The Obscure Store at In any case it’s the focus or theme that makes for good blogs, or at least for the ones that interest me. If I don’t know somebody then why would I care about their random musings? Why should anybody care about this one?

Laughable blog (or should it be “blog”?) of the month is Fox Searchlight’s at It’s just daily press releases and has nothing blog-like about it. You can just picture some marketing person in a meeting: “Hey, this blog thing is what’s happening. It’s exploding everywhere and we need to get into the action. Let’s make our own!” The sad or maybe amusing thing is that they probably think this is a good idea. I have yet to meet anybody in marketing who wasn’t a bit dim; this site is evidence that some marketing people aren’t even that smart.