Monday, October 14, 2002

I saw Dracula 2000 some time back but have just now discovered notes for a review (of sorts) that I intended to write. Never did but here are the notes:

Elaborate Abbey vault and defenses but the back wall is a publicly accessible tunnel/sewer that takes only seconds to blow open.

Does London have no building inspectors?

Does Van Helsing have a body disposal service to get rid of the thieves' bodies?

Pilotless plane apparently flies from London over the southeastern US without being disturbed.

All the police and invesigators immediately pack up and leave a crash site with only two local reporters left.

Super hetero vampire who hypnotizes women but not men.

Exactly how did Selena get Van Helsing's retina and handprint?

What was the point of the leeches? How did any get inside a sealed coffin?

Why not just encase the coffin in concrete? Concrete inside steel?

The film is set during mardi gras but there are almost no mardi gras activities. During the final scenes the streets are almost deserted.