Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Haven't had time to write much so here are highlights, some of which I may get back to:

Clockwatchers (Jill Sprecher 1997) - Not many films show no intelligent life behind the camera from the first few seconds and then never proves that impression wrong. Totally worthless.

Heist (David Mamet 2001) - The best Mamet film I've seen. I particularly like the ambiguity of some characters' motives, such as Hackman's real intentions toward his wife.

Friday (F. Gary Gray 1995) - We need more naturalist, low-key comedies though certainly not more with Chris Tucker and not more with out-of-place endings.

Terry Pratchett Guards! Guards! (1989) - Pratchett's technique of narrative construction is interesting: He typically uses parallel narratives that appear to be ending about halfway through but only get faster and faster.

Shepard Krech III The Ecological Indian: Myth and History (1999) - Definitely worth reading.

Saw a peculiar alternate world episode of Friends where Joey is a big soap star, Chandler a struggling writer, Monica still chubby, etc. I missed the very opening scene and so don't know if this was explained in any way but couldn't help thinking how timid and unimaginative the whole thing was. Comics use alternative histories to explore character, expand background or simply go bonkers. It's hardly a surprise that the Friends writers couldn't see beyond the obvious. (Turns out there was a second episode of the same thing, both apparently from the end of the sixth season.)

Alias issues 1-9 - Amazing stuff; the second arc is some kind of masterpiece.