Wednesday, May 8, 2002

Today was bootleg remix day. Ken Freedman's show on WFMU was composed almost entirely of such b-mixes (with a tad of tooth-shattering J-pop) and that sent me to the proper Internet sources (no file trading, Web & FTP only). As the man never said, "Pop done ate itself." Stuck in mental repeat: New Order's "Blue Monday" beneath Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out of My Head." B-mixes will be even more interesting once the source material starts expanding. I'm waiting for Nusrat vs. Black Flag, Mahler vs. Billie Holiday, Tuvan third stream, bebop babies and the usual not-usual stuff.


Jay-Z The Blueprint (Rockafella) - The first Jay-Z album to connect with me straight from the gate. How could it fail: tinkling R&B piano, hard-as-nails Doors riff, Timbaland, laugh-out-loud jokes, faux multicultural moves, a rewrite of Leporello's catalog aria, Eminem cameo, a dressing down of Nas that gets into royalties statements.