Monday, May 6, 2002

Am I too bourgeois? Reading a biography of Guy Debord and the Mension memoir I sometimes wonder if those are actually some fantasy or at least magical realist (lit crit way of saying "fantasy") novels. Who can live for months without jobs, hanging out in dives, sponging off "friends" and wandering the streets? If this is the revolution I'm not looking forward to it. Maybe the real inspiration is that any of them ever managed to do anything of worth (several didn't--Mension for example); ten years either way and perhaps they'd be competely forgotten today. That after all is part of the Situationist point: You can't copy them. In 2002 hanging out in a drunken stupor is not revolutionary (it wasn't in 1954 either but that wasn't the destination).


American Pimp (The Hughes Brothers 1999) - Just mind-boggling.


A Nick Fury movie? Yep, a 1998 TV effort starring David Hasselhoff in a masterstroke of inappropriate casting. What were they thinking?