Friday, April 19, 2002

With The Osbournes a media-certified sensation, it's time to wonder what other musicians deserve their own reality show. Here are my suggestions:

Lou 'n' Laurie

Spears Survivor

Real-Life ODB Chases

Fugging with Fugazi

Tony Iommi: It Shoulda Been Me

Marilyn & Charles: The Manson Real World

There's Something About Magma

If This Is Tuesday, This Must Be Zorn's New Album

Acid Mothers Temple Road Rules

Who Wants to Marry George Jones?

Pop Group Popstars

Woodshedding With Derek Bailey

The Weakest Link: Pete Best, Chad Channing (first Nirvana drummer), any Spinal Tap drummer

Yo La Tengo: Iron Chefs

Asha Bhosle: A Day in the Life

The Jacksons Family Feud

Indie Rock Hollywood Squares

Francisco Lopez: Behind the Music

My Dinner With Braxton

Crumb II: George

Pan Sonic of the North

Eminem Macht Frei


Tell me again why we have local TV news? Today a plane crashed in Milan so the local station sent a reporter to the airport to interview people returning from Milan. They were all American tourists who left long before the crash so they knew less than most people who can't remember if there's an "o" in "Milan" and their insights were not remotely insightful: If the reporter asked random people off the street about a completely invented catastrophe the responses would have been literally the same. Of course this was all done in the afternoon (broad daylight) but the reporter stood outside the airport at 11 PM so he could make a live introduction to a taped piece.